25 Feb 2015

Win an Enzoani Gown and Trip to our 2015 Fashion Event in Los Angeles, CA!

Searching for your dream dress for the big day? How about a chance to WIN both a gorgeous Enzoani gown of your choice AND a trip to sunny Los Angeles, California this June to experience our exclusive 2015 Enzoani Fashion Event! For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a live runway show and preview our new 2016 collections, have a private meet-and-greet with our Enzoani Designer, and participate in our spectacular 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, simply share your love story with us!




Submissions will be posted daily to our Image Gallery, where you can share and encourage friends and family to VOTE for your photo and story to increase your chances of winning!

No purchase is necessary to win, and entries will be accepted until April 1st, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. Final voting will begin on April 2nd, 2015, and the winner will be announced April 10, 2015 at 2:00pm PST. All entries are subject to the #EnzoaniRealBride2015 Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions.


Pictured Above: Our #EnzoaniRealBride2014 winner, Danielle (second from right in Left picture), attending our 2014 Fashion Event in Hollywood, CA

Good luck to all contestants, and we hope to see you in LA!

10 Feb 2015

Thank you for signing up to attend our 9th Annual Enzoani Fashion Event will be hosted at the luxury boutique hotel, Luxe Sunset Boulevard, in upscale Bel Air - Los Angeles, California, from June 23rd to 26th.  We value your continued loyalty and request your presence as our guest to celebrate Enzoani’s 10 year anniversary and the showcase of the 2016 Enzoani and Badgley Mischka bridal collections. 



  • Enzoani Marketing Lounge during Hotel Check-In
  • Fashion Event Welcome Dinner
  • 2016 Collection Runway Show
  • Runway After Party


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 PRODUCT ORDER WRITING – DAY 1

  • 2016 Enzoani products available for viewing and ordering
  • Free evening for you to enjoy 


Thursday, June 25, 2015 PRODUCT ORDER WRITING – DAY 2

  • 2016 Enzoani products available for viewing and ordering
  • Farewell Dinner Party & Raffle


Friday, June 26, 2015 DEPARTURE DAY

  • Hotel Checkout



Luxe Sunset Hotel – 11461 Sunset Boulevard. – Los Angeles, CA 90049

1.310.476.6571 - www.luxehotels.com/sunset

10 Jun 2014

Shannon Davidson tells her story of starting her career as a model and becoming a top runway show specialist

Shannon Davidson Runway Specialist

Shannon Davidson Productions is a full-service event management and production firm that has been in operation since 1990. Projects include fashion shows, video & multi-media and special events that are executed both nationally and abroad.

Shannon Davidson has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. In conjunction with a successful career as a model, Shannon attained a degree in video and film production. This led to a coupling of both industries with the formation of Shannon Davidson Productions.

Shannon Davidson Productions operates in a turn-key fashion, offering service from event conception to all aspects of production design and execution, including staging, lighting, sound, model casting, hair & make up and all show staffing. In addition, Shannon Davidson partners with charity organizations and corporate event planners to act as Director for live award, multi-media and entertainment shows.

Child help runway image

How did you get started and why are you passionate about what you do?

It was a bit of an accident! I modelled for about 10 years in total and did so prior to and throughout college. I studied video and film production to acquire my B.A. and I also worked in theatre as an actor through school. 

After graduation, I dabbled in production work while still modelling. One day the V.P. of St. John knits, who I modelled for, for many years, asked me if I knew a good show producer that could work and travel for them. I found myself saying “I can do that for you!”  

I rather shocked myself as I hadn’t been looking for a transition out of modelling quite yet. But it must have been meant to be as St. John gave me a large show to produce, it went really well, and they used my services as a producer for many years after that. I travelled all over the country with St. John producing large shows and events for them.

They basically gave me my start in my career. I have had my company now for over 20 years. 

I love what I do. It incorporates creative production elements such as lighting, sound and scenic design. I also like working with the models as I have empathy and understanding of their part in a show.

Do you have any hobbies?

I ride horses and compete in the hunter/jumper circuit

Where do you gather your inspiration for runways?

From everything! I reference designer shows in Europe, nature inspires me, music inspires me, editorials from magazines also give me inspiration.


Jenni Kayne Runway Image


What is your favourite part about putting together a show?

I love coming up with the initial concept with a client (the look and feel of the show) and then seeing it come to fruition weeks later. Physical restrictions can be challenging, such as the venue and the time constraints of loading in a show. I really like working within these parameters and coming up with a solution, which works!


Why do you enjoy working on Enzoani’s fashion event?

I like the people at Enzoani. It is truly a team effort and everyone works so well together. Its a huge event - lots of gowns, models and typically a large group of attendees. That creates challenges and we always seem to come up with the right answers for an exciting show!


What do you think our guests can look forward to this year?
Without being too detailed so we can still have it be a bit of a surprise!!
I think our new location will be really fun for everyone, especially the international guests! Every year we try to do something different. This year will feel very chic and glamorous! Sorry….that’s all I can say right now!!!

Rubin Singer Runway Image

10 Jun 2014

A look back at how the branding has developed year by year

This year’s highly anticipated Fashion Event will be Enzoani’s 8th Annual Fashion Event. Over the past 7 years the branding and marketing at the Fashion Event has been developing significantly year by year. Here is a look back through each year.


2008  - Silver Ticket

The invitations for the 2008 Enzoani Fashion Event were printed on 2 separate layers of metallic paper sealed together, and featured one of 2009’s bestselling gowns, Demi. Guests of the Show received official Enzoani gift bags filled with miscellaneous treats and trinkets. It featured 2008 Enzoani gown Dawn with Jacket.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2008 branding


2009 - A Flutter of Ideas

In 2009 the event and branding developed to the next level. The theme for the event was based on the delicate lace like structure of a butterfly wing, and the sparkle of Hollywood. Several distinct butterflies were designed and displayed on the runway, in a rainbow of colours, with wingspan varying from 6 inches to 3 feet. Celebrity Bai Ling was so enamored with the oversized butterflies that Enzoani ended up giving her one to take home as a souvenir.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2009 branding


2010 - Follow the Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole

Following the success from 2009 this year’s theme had to stand out.  Enzoani took inspiration from the years most buzzed about film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, to create Enzoani’s wonderland for the 2010 Fashion Event. Several design concepts were thrown around, playing on Alice’s wonderland, which included a giant mushroom silhouettes and sprouting tufts of grass. In the end, Enzoani opted for a sleek runway donned in a simple floral logo that allowed the gowns to drape the runway in elegance.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2010 branding


2011 – Enzoani, Enzoani, Enzoani 

This was the year for big changes! Once inspired by the pop art movement, Enzoani decided to venture into new branding mediums and ideas for the 2011 Fashion Event. From ATM’S to hand sanitizers, the Enzoani marketing team took the time to make sure every guest knew exactly who was running the show. Enzoani even had its name in lights emblazoned on the front of the Marriot Hotel where guests were staying. 

The California Sun played an integral part of the branding – the sun rose and set in the signage as the event progressed, eventually turning in to the moon as the after party. 

 Enzoani Fashion event 2011 branding


2012 – Classic Hollywood

For the 2012 Fashion Event, Enzoani wanted to capture the drama and romance of classic Hollywood. The Branding for the event incorporated an art deco flair, but also portrayed the delicate details and drama of Enzoani’s exquisitely layered lace designs. The deeps red carpet was a prominent design element and helped tie all of the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event branding together.

Enzoani Juggled around with the colour scheme of the final branding design concept. It ranged from dark noir to gold, but was finally scrapped for a Black & White theme. It was a great excuse to throw a Black & White Ball. 

Once retailers were confirmed as guests, they received the Enzoani Fashion event welcome box, with lots of helpful information, and their very own black Enzoani wrist bands to gain access to all the special fashion event functions. Upon arrival guests received custom Enzoani gift bags, adorned with original hand drawn sketches of gown by Enzoani’s very own designer Kang Chun Lin.  

 Enzoani Fashion event 2012 branding


2013  - Take Flight

The theme for the 2013 fashion event was ‘Take Flight’ incorporating aviation to integrate the Global brand, for customers from all around the world.

The location for the 2013 event was The Lyon Air Museum. The museum is an enclosed hangar, spanning over 30,000 square feet and features operational, authentic, vintage aircraft, vehicles and related memorabilia from the WWII–era. The locale served as the perfect backdrop for our “Take Flight” theme. The runway kicked off with models arriving to the hangar in a vintage DC-3 airliner, models then strutted down the runway past the massive wings of Vintage B-17 and DC-3.

Confirmed attendees received their vintage envelope confirmation pack which was in keeping with the theme of ‘Take Flight’. Enclosed was a map of the Hotel and Itinerary on distressed paper, a gold take flight pin and Enzoani passports to be stamped at each event. The events included The Pilots Lounge, Breakfast with Marketing, Runway and Tradeshow. If stores had all four stamps they would receive an extra raffle ticket for the leaving party.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2013 branding

 Enzoani Fashion event 2013 branding 2

19 May 2014

Learn more about the luxurious venue where the 2015 collections will debut!

The 8th Annual Enzoani Fashion Event will this year take place at the Loews Hotel in amazing Hollywood! Loews Hotels is a luxury hospitality company that owns and/or operates 20 hotels in the U.S. and Canada. The location in Hollywood is one of the newest hotels.

enzoani hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign, The Hills, The Academy Awards, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The city’s major movie studios. This is the stuff a classic visit to Hollywood is made of—and a stay at Loews Hollywood Hotel puts you right in the middle of all the action.

Hollywood is primarily known as a film city and historic center of the American film industry by the presence of all his studios, movie stars and related businesses. The first studio was founded in 1911 by David Horsley of the Nestor Company.In the same year 15 other independent studios settled there.

Film production companies went to Hollywood, because the weather there was a lot better and there were longer days. In the first years of the film strong artificial lighting was not possible, the only source of light that provided a sufficient exposure on the canvas was sunlight. Hollywood films were distributed throughout the world and in many countries the market became dominated by the American film.

enzoani  loews

The Loews hotel is located on Highland Ave, just 5 minutes walking from the Walk of Fame! The stars on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame are located on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

enzoani fashion event walk of fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. With about 24 induction ceremonies annually broadcast around the world, the constant reinforcement provided to the public has made the Walk of Fame a top visitor attraction. The Walk of Fame was created in 1958. During the initial phase, many of honorees received multiple stars for contributions in the five separate categories which are honored: Motion picture camera, Television set, Phonograph record, Radio microphone and Twin comedy/tragedy masks.enzoani dolby theater

The Dolby Theatre, which opened in 2001 on Hollywood Boulevard at Highland Avenue (as the Kodak Theatre), where the historic Hollywood Hotel once stood, is the home of the Oscars.Having hosted the awards annually since 2002, the theater is best known for this capacity. During the rest of the year, it hosts numerous live concerts, awards shows, symphony performances, and other events.The theatre has also hosted the Miss USA pageant twice, in 2004 and 2007.While the Dolby Theatre has most often hosted public cultural events, such as concerts and other performances, it has also occasionally served private purposes, such as weddings. For more information, please visit their page: http://www.loewshotels.com/Hollywood-Hotel

With an enviable address, a modern look and decades’ worth of history, Loews Hollywood Hotel is the perfect place for enjoying all L.A. has to offer!


enzoani hollywoodland sign

18 May 2014

Stores that previously attended the fashion event share their stories and what they're looking forward to most for 2014

The 2013 Enzoani Fashion event took place between June 2nd-5th. We knew that to follow the St Regis event in 2012 we required a truly unique location. After a long search we found a location to wow our guests. The Lyon Air Museum in Orange County CA would be the host of our 7th Fashion Event.  This then gave us the inspiration for our theme ‘Take Flight’. With our guests only knowing the theme, they were unaware of the location of the event, which had them guessing until they arrived at the location.

The Runway show started with a Dramatic entrance from a classic D-C4 plane taxiing up to the hanger doors from where models dresses in Love by Enzoani gowns disembarked. 

We recently asked our guests from previous years what they think of the Enzoani fashion event.

What was your most memorable part of last year’s fashion event?

The runway show was amazing, the theme, the venue, the music, but most of all the gowns. Seeing them move on the girls is very important. It also means we have so much more to sell to our brides, being able to show our bride, her gown on the runway, her seeing Opus at the runway show, now on screen in our salon in Scotland, hearing us interviewed being a respected part of the event. All of these things are our tools to sell an inspirational brand of beautiful designs and the whole recorded event authenticates both Enzoani and Opus. We have at least twelve months with these gowns, working with them every day, our staff need this kind of support to be committed to a designer / brand. Time with KC was amazing. Having him there is very important. For us to be able to tell our bride yes the designer of your gown said this or told me this about the lace/fabric/beading, or was inspired by this when designing the collection. The customer suddenly has a link to its origin, for some people this is the icing on the cake.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK) 


Most memorable part was meeting KC in the presidential suite and being able to have someone to one time with him discussing the collections - actually there were two moments, as when the 'plane arrived outside the hanger and the girls dressed in those love dresses disembarked and arrived to open the show - I have to admit to crying - it was a once in a lifetime moment.

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


Walking into the 2013 Fashion Event was like taking a fabulous step back into time in the most memorable manner.  We don't know if it was the melodious beats of the big band, the flowing champagne, or the juxtapose of the industry-leading 2014 Enzoani gown styles against the vintage setting of the historical airplanes within the museum, but we lost ourselves in the moment of the memorable evening!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


Last year's fashion event had many memorable aspects but I must say the venue for the fashion show was AMAZING! The fashion show itself along with the venue was completely unforgettable. The theme as a whole was so well executed. We loved it!

Amy Kretschmer (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


I am not sure that I can pinpoint one thing from the fashion event… We loved mingling with the other Bridal retailers and the fashion event itself was a real treat for us, it was very well organised.

Jennifer Jordaan (Dresses Divine - SA)


What did you think of lasts years’ venue?

This was the second Enzoani event I have attended, and both venues where amazing, but the Take Flight venue was outstanding. The vintage theme was exactly right for the current market and has been much admired on line and in the salon.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK)


Last year’s venue was for us Brits an awe inspiring moment - to see those planes up close and listen to proper American swing played by a proper American band would have been enough for me - let alone seeing the dresses there and being made to feel part of something very special. The down side were the lack of toilet facilities and the long queues for things, we never managed to get into the photo booth or have an in & out burger!

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


After the luxurious and Gatsby-like affair at the St. Regis in 2012, Enzoani shocked guests by hosting the 2013 event within the walls of a vintage airplane museum filled with enormous and equally gorgeous aircrafts from America's wartime era. Every detail was simply perfect... It's what Enzoani does best!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


Well obviously the venue was, like I said, the most memorable part of the entire event. It was such a breath of fresh air and so unique and creative. They definitely took it up a notch!

Amy Kretschmer (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Being there........... & not knowing exactly what to expect. For us to be in such an iconic venue for a purpose that is not just "sightseeing" is great fun, exciting, something different, new and memorable. Having been in and around the fashion industry for 30yrs, this keeps me and our staff, fresh and enthusiastic.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK)


I am looking forward to seeing another strong collection and seeing KC's vision for the next year.

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


We are anxiously awaiting THE wedding industry shopping event unparalleled by any other.  Exceptional events, first-rate service, and an element of the unexpected that we've come to expect from the Enzoani team!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


We love that every year there always seems to be some element of surprise. Something different to look forward to. We're also very excited to see what’s in store for next year’s collection. LOVE seeing what new trends will emerge!  We're already packing our bags! See you in Hollywood!!

Amy Kretschner (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


Here are some images that were taken by Roma Herbin from Ever After Photgraphy and Opus Couture over the 4 days.

23 Apr 2014

Danielle + Stuart get to go on a trip to Hollywood!

We are excited to announce that Danielle + Stuart won the #EnzoaniRealBride2014 contest, and they get the chance to go to Hollywood, CA to our 2014 Enzoani Fashion Event. Even more, Danielle gets to choose between a dream Enzoani wedding gown or three bridesmaids dresses. 


Review her story here or on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1msLqM9

I wish I could say it was love at first sight. It wasn't. A group of us had gone out for drinks and he was with a friend of mine. He actually spilled his drink in my shoe that night!! I went home furious! A few weeks later he was at a BBQ. Him and his girlfriend had broken up. We started talking and I realised, he wasn't so bad. From that night we started talking more and more. He was in the army and what can I say? I LOVE a man in uniform! We had a few dates and made it official, we became a couple. One year later we got our own place, it was hard, him going to Afganistan terrified me. Not long after I fell pregnant and that was it. He decided it was time to leave the army. He couldn't bare to be away from me and the little girl we had. We named her Grace. She was the best thing in our lives! 9 months later, I fell pregnant again. It was a boy! We were going to have the perfect little family!! Unfortunately, our little boy died when I was 33+3 weeks pregnant. It was a very hard time, I wasn't sure if we could make it through. I put all my energy into starting a charity named 'Sweet Dreams Our Angels' and helped to support people going through the same loss as myself. I started training to be a counsellor to help people even further. It was then that I realised, I had been pushing my partner away. I decided to change this and focused on my family for a long time. Then my Dad died, arranging his funeral with my sister I realised, I couldn't be scared and keep my daughter as an only child. I couldn't have her arranging funerals alone! So 2 and a half years after my little boy died, I was pregnant again. I had a 'rainbow baby' named Alivia. Another little girl. We have a beautiful family together as you can see by our photo but every family photo is tinged with sadness that our little boy isn't with us. We make the most of the time we have together, we love our children and each other more then anything in the world. This is why we want to get married. There was no amazing proposal, just pure love and a decision that we couldn't live without each other. So now we want to make it official because our forever, really is forever. What better way to get married then in the dress of my dreams??

15 Apr 2014

View all the stories and the lucky bride who's won their dream gown

Entry into our 2014 Enzoani Real Bride contest is now closed!

Soon-to-be brides from across the globe have been submitting their most romantic stories to us over the last month and all of these submissions have now been posted onto our contest Facebook page. The lucky bride has won  their dream gown and a trip to Hollywood, CA where she will experience a live runway featuring our 2015 collection!

To read all the romantic stories and like your favourite click here.

All entries are subject to the following Terms & Conditions

10 Mar 2014

From humble beginning , to grand Galas, the Enzoani Fashion Event has come a very long way since its inception in 2007.

The Enzoani Fashion Event is a yearly event showcasing the new collections for Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, Beautiful and Love by Enzoani. This year’s highly anticipated 8th Annual Fashion Event will be hosted at both the home of the Oscars and the Loews Hollywood Hotel, in iconic Hollywood, California.  This year’s event is going to be spectacular!


Here’s a look back at past events to tantalise you for the #2014EnzoaniFE

Fashion Event Evolution

2007 -  Newport Beach, CA

Initially called the 2008 Spring Preview Event,  about 20 retailers were in attendance at Enzoani’s  first Fashion Event which was held at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA.  The floorplan for the first Enzoani Runway show, was a basic T-shaped design, with seating for up to 240 guests. Guests were then whisked away on a dinner cruise around the quaint Balboa Harbor.

2007 Enzoani Fashion Event


2008 – Long Beach, CA

By 2008 the Enzoani buzz had hit the bridal industry and attendance doubled at the Fashion Event. Guests of the 2008 Enzoani Fashion Event stayed in the newly- renovated Renaissance Hotel in the heart of downtown Long Beach. The second annual Fashion Event marked the debut of the Love by Enzoani collection.

The runway show was held inside the Grand Ballroom of the immense Long Beach Convention Center.  Original cast member from Dancing with the Stars, Edyta Sliwinska, was in attendance, along with actress Tischina Arnold from Martin, and more recently Chris Rock’s television series Everybody Hates Chris.

2008 Enzoani Fashion Event


2009 – Los Angeles, CA

For 2009’s Fashion Event, Enzoani set its sights on Hollywood!  With steady growth and industry appeal, attendance at the event quadrupled from Enzoani’s first show in 2007!  We had several celebrities in the audience ready to view the new line: Stacie Keibler (WWE, Dancing with the Stars), Sofia Milos (C.S.I. Miami), Bai Ling (The Crow, Lost televisionseries), and Isabella Miko (Coyote Ugly, Clash of the Titans).

2009 Enzoani Fashion Event


2010 - Los Angeles, CA

By 2010 we had once again doubled our attendance and brought our retailer tally to over 160 stores! With Hollywood still in sight, Enzoani took inspiration from the year’s most buzzed about film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and created Enzoani’s own wonderland for the 2010 Fashion Event.

The runway show was held at the brand new JW Marriott in the heart of LA Live. Celebrities in attendance wore Love by Enzoani gowns, as the throngs of press, editors and retailers entered the runway area to find their seats. Ming-Na (from The Joy Luck Club, ER, and the voice of Disney’s Mulan) graced the event in A14, while Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue, Drive Angry, and Quinn’s Mom on Glee) donned an elegant A33 and Ashley Jones (Old School, True Blood, Bones) shone in A2.

2010 Enzoani Fashion Event


2011 – Newport Beach, CA

The California sun played a large role in this year’s event and played an even larger role on the runway. Held at the Newport Beach Marriott Resort & Spa  during a beautiful sunset of the California sun, the runway was transformed into a majestic sight.

In 2011, the Enzoani Marketing Team created the One Lucky Bride Sweepstakes. One winner was flown out with a guest to attend the 2011 Enzoani Fashion Event, meet the designer and even receive a free bridal gown! For info on this year’s #EnzoaniRealBride2014 contest click here

2011 Enzoani Fashion event


2012 – Newport Beach, CA

For the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event, Enzoani wanted to capture the drama and romance of classic Hollywood. The branding for the event incorporated an art deco flair, but also portrayed the delicate details and drama of Enzoani’s exquisitely layered lace designs. The deep red of the red carpet was a prominent design element and helped tie all of the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event branding together.  .

To ensure that every seat gave our guests a front row view, creating a seating plan for 550 people was a real challenge considering the irregular nature of the runway set on the Grand  Lawn of the St. Regis Hotel in beautiful Dana Point, California. The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful as the models sauntered down the runway, bathed in the warm glow of the setting California sun.

2012 Enzoani Fashion Event


2013 – Newport Beach, CA

For the 2013 Enzoani Fashion Event, we knew we had a big challenge to follow the St. Regis event, but after a long search we found a unique venue that was going to wow our guests. The Lyon Air museum in Orange County, CA would be the host of our 7th Fashion Event. The unique venue complimented the fact that this year the event was going global and provided us with the inspiration of our Take Flight theme. The runway show started with a dramatic entrance from a classic D-C3 plane taxiing up to the hanger doors from where models dressed in Love by Enzoani gowns disembarked. The scene was breath taking only to be over-shadowed by the gowns which followed.

2013 Enzoani Fashion Event