What is the Enzoani Fashion Event?

From humble beginning , to grand Galas, the Enzoani Fashion Event has come a very long way since its inception in 2007.

The Enzoani Fashion Event is a yearly event showcasing the new collections for Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, Beautiful and Love by Enzoani. This year’s highly anticipated 8th Annual Fashion Event will be hosted at both the home of the Oscars and the Loews Hollywood Hotel, in iconic Hollywood, California.  This year’s event is going to be spectacular!


Here’s a look back at past events to tantalise you for the #2014EnzoaniFE

Fashion Event Evolution

2007 -  Newport Beach, CA

Initially called the 2008 Spring Preview Event,  about 20 retailers were in attendance at Enzoani’s  first Fashion Event which was held at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA.  The floorplan for the first Enzoani Runway show, was a basic T-shaped design, with seating for up to 240 guests. Guests were then whisked away on a dinner cruise around the quaint Balboa Harbor.

2007 Enzoani Fashion Event


2008 – Long Beach, CA

By 2008 the Enzoani buzz had hit the bridal industry and attendance doubled at the Fashion Event. Guests of the 2008 Enzoani Fashion Event stayed in the newly- renovated Renaissance Hotel in the heart of downtown Long Beach. The second annual Fashion Event marked the debut of the Love by Enzoani collection.

The runway show was held inside the Grand Ballroom of the immense Long Beach Convention Center.  Original cast member from Dancing with the Stars, Edyta Sliwinska, was in attendance, along with actress Tischina Arnold from Martin, and more recently Chris Rock’s television series Everybody Hates Chris.

2008 Enzoani Fashion Event


2009 – Los Angeles, CA

For 2009’s Fashion Event, Enzoani set its sights on Hollywood!  With steady growth and industry appeal, attendance at the event quadrupled from Enzoani’s first show in 2007!  We had several celebrities in the audience ready to view the new line: Stacie Keibler (WWE, Dancing with the Stars), Sofia Milos (C.S.I. Miami), Bai Ling (The Crow, Lost televisionseries), and Isabella Miko (Coyote Ugly, Clash of the Titans).

2009 Enzoani Fashion Event


2010 - Los Angeles, CA

By 2010 we had once again doubled our attendance and brought our retailer tally to over 160 stores! With Hollywood still in sight, Enzoani took inspiration from the year’s most buzzed about film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and created Enzoani’s own wonderland for the 2010 Fashion Event.

The runway show was held at the brand new JW Marriott in the heart of LA Live. Celebrities in attendance wore Love by Enzoani gowns, as the throngs of press, editors and retailers entered the runway area to find their seats. Ming-Na (from The Joy Luck Club, ER, and the voice of Disney’s Mulan) graced the event in A14, while Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue, Drive Angry, and Quinn’s Mom on Glee) donned an elegant A33 and Ashley Jones (Old School, True Blood, Bones) shone in A2.

2010 Enzoani Fashion Event


2011 – Newport Beach, CA

The California sun played a large role in this year’s event and played an even larger role on the runway. Held at the Newport Beach Marriott Resort & Spa  during a beautiful sunset of the California sun, the runway was transformed into a majestic sight.

In 2011, the Enzoani Marketing Team created the One Lucky Bride Sweepstakes. One winner was flown out with a guest to attend the 2011 Enzoani Fashion Event, meet the designer and even receive a free bridal gown! For info on this year’s #EnzoaniRealBride2014 contest click here

2011 Enzoani Fashion event


2012 – Newport Beach, CA

For the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event, Enzoani wanted to capture the drama and romance of classic Hollywood. The branding for the event incorporated an art deco flair, but also portrayed the delicate details and drama of Enzoani’s exquisitely layered lace designs. The deep red of the red carpet was a prominent design element and helped tie all of the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event branding together.  .

To ensure that every seat gave our guests a front row view, creating a seating plan for 550 people was a real challenge considering the irregular nature of the runway set on the Grand  Lawn of the St. Regis Hotel in beautiful Dana Point, California. The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful as the models sauntered down the runway, bathed in the warm glow of the setting California sun.

2012 Enzoani Fashion Event


2013 – Newport Beach, CA

For the 2013 Enzoani Fashion Event, we knew we had a big challenge to follow the St. Regis event, but after a long search we found a unique venue that was going to wow our guests. The Lyon Air museum in Orange County, CA would be the host of our 7th Fashion Event. The unique venue complimented the fact that this year the event was going global and provided us with the inspiration of our Take Flight theme. The runway show started with a dramatic entrance from a classic D-C3 plane taxiing up to the hanger doors from where models dressed in Love by Enzoani gowns disembarked. The scene was breath taking only to be over-shadowed by the gowns which followed.

2013 Enzoani Fashion Event