A look back at the 2013 Fashion Event

Stores that previously attended the fashion event share their stories and what they're looking forward to most for 2014

The 2013 Enzoani Fashion event took place between June 2nd-5th. We knew that to follow the St Regis event in 2012 we required a truly unique location. After a long search we found a location to wow our guests. The Lyon Air Museum in Orange County CA would be the host of our 7th Fashion Event.  This then gave us the inspiration for our theme ‘Take Flight’. With our guests only knowing the theme, they were unaware of the location of the event, which had them guessing until they arrived at the location.

The Runway show started with a Dramatic entrance from a classic D-C4 plane taxiing up to the hanger doors from where models dresses in Love by Enzoani gowns disembarked. 

We recently asked our guests from previous years what they think of the Enzoani fashion event.

What was your most memorable part of last year’s fashion event?

The runway show was amazing, the theme, the venue, the music, but most of all the gowns. Seeing them move on the girls is very important. It also means we have so much more to sell to our brides, being able to show our bride, her gown on the runway, her seeing Opus at the runway show, now on screen in our salon in Scotland, hearing us interviewed being a respected part of the event. All of these things are our tools to sell an inspirational brand of beautiful designs and the whole recorded event authenticates both Enzoani and Opus. We have at least twelve months with these gowns, working with them every day, our staff need this kind of support to be committed to a designer / brand. Time with KC was amazing. Having him there is very important. For us to be able to tell our bride yes the designer of your gown said this or told me this about the lace/fabric/beading, or was inspired by this when designing the collection. The customer suddenly has a link to its origin, for some people this is the icing on the cake.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK) 


Most memorable part was meeting KC in the presidential suite and being able to have someone to one time with him discussing the collections - actually there were two moments, as when the 'plane arrived outside the hanger and the girls dressed in those love dresses disembarked and arrived to open the show - I have to admit to crying - it was a once in a lifetime moment.

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


Walking into the 2013 Fashion Event was like taking a fabulous step back into time in the most memorable manner.  We don't know if it was the melodious beats of the big band, the flowing champagne, or the juxtapose of the industry-leading 2014 Enzoani gown styles against the vintage setting of the historical airplanes within the museum, but we lost ourselves in the moment of the memorable evening!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


Last year's fashion event had many memorable aspects but I must say the venue for the fashion show was AMAZING! The fashion show itself along with the venue was completely unforgettable. The theme as a whole was so well executed. We loved it!

Amy Kretschmer (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


I am not sure that I can pinpoint one thing from the fashion event… We loved mingling with the other Bridal retailers and the fashion event itself was a real treat for us, it was very well organised.

Jennifer Jordaan (Dresses Divine - SA)


What did you think of lasts years’ venue?

This was the second Enzoani event I have attended, and both venues where amazing, but the Take Flight venue was outstanding. The vintage theme was exactly right for the current market and has been much admired on line and in the salon.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK)


Last year’s venue was for us Brits an awe inspiring moment - to see those planes up close and listen to proper American swing played by a proper American band would have been enough for me - let alone seeing the dresses there and being made to feel part of something very special. The down side were the lack of toilet facilities and the long queues for things, we never managed to get into the photo booth or have an in & out burger!

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


After the luxurious and Gatsby-like affair at the St. Regis in 2012, Enzoani shocked guests by hosting the 2013 event within the walls of a vintage airplane museum filled with enormous and equally gorgeous aircrafts from America's wartime era. Every detail was simply perfect... It's what Enzoani does best!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


Well obviously the venue was, like I said, the most memorable part of the entire event. It was such a breath of fresh air and so unique and creative. They definitely took it up a notch!

Amy Kretschmer (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Being there........... & not knowing exactly what to expect. For us to be in such an iconic venue for a purpose that is not just "sightseeing" is great fun, exciting, something different, new and memorable. Having been in and around the fashion industry for 30yrs, this keeps me and our staff, fresh and enthusiastic.

Sharon McPherson (Opus Couture - UK)


I am looking forward to seeing another strong collection and seeing KC's vision for the next year.

Laura Daly (Bellissima Weddings - UK)


We are anxiously awaiting THE wedding industry shopping event unparalleled by any other.  Exceptional events, first-rate service, and an element of the unexpected that we've come to expect from the Enzoani team!

Tonia & Nicole (Uptown Bridal - USA)


We love that every year there always seems to be some element of surprise. Something different to look forward to. We're also very excited to see what’s in store for next year’s collection. LOVE seeing what new trends will emerge!  We're already packing our bags! See you in Hollywood!!

Amy Kretschner (Blush Bridal Couture - USA)


Here are some images that were taken by Roma Herbin from Ever After Photgraphy and Opus Couture over the 4 days.