2014 Collection from “First Stitch”

Setting a Higher Standard for Sophistication

Enzoani is off to a golden start with their 2014 collections: Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, Beautiful, and Love by Enzoani. The California-based bridal manufacturing company possesses the strong ability to be a leader in bridal trends, which has contributed to their most recent success with the latest looks for the season. Every bride will find their dream gown with Enzoani as each collection appeals to varying demographics.


The 2014 Enzoani collection focuses on the merging of contemporary and traditional European designs with a high level of attention to details that Enzoani is known for.  The light and delicate lace patterns offer a vintage touch while the beading adds an exquisite and modern twist. The collection offers sleek, clean lines that are specifically tailored to present a classic, timeless feel. The gowns are shown in Chantilly lace, silk satin, chiffon and tulle to inspire a dreamy feeling.


The 2014 Blue by Enzoani collection is inspired by vintage Dior’s high-end sophistication with gilded detailing and crisp ivory. While the gold creates a luxurious feel, the collection plays with short gowns as a charming complement to the entire collection as a whole. Blue by Enzoani combines elegance with innovation to maintain its position on top of the industry’s latest trends.


The 2014 Beautiful collection continues onto its second year after a well received initial launch with subtle yet tasteful embellishments. With a budget conscious price point for the modern bride, the gowns include a variety of fashionable trends to create a wider appeal. The Beautiful collection maintains class and quality while continuing to keep the budget conscious bride in mind.


Lastly, the 2014 Love by Enzoani collection incorporates a softer feminine look inspired by this award season’s red carpet. Designed with flowing lines and soft chiffon, the dresses contain a versatile, easy-to-wear feminine style for a graceful appearance to any special event. The color palette applies bright pastel colors such as tangerines, pale pinks, and sky blues for an overarching theme of flirty and fun.


Watch "Enzoani: First Stitch" video campaign to see Ilyssa from the 2014 Enzoani collection come to life!