Behind the Scenes: Beautiful Ad Photo Shoot

Set the scene with Enzoani as we shoot the 2015 Beautiful Ad campaign in Huntington Beach, CA


For the 2015 Beautiful Ad campaign, the US Enzoani marketing team came together to create a mood board that features colors, looks, and inspiration behind the shoot.  You can see below a few snippets of how we envision the Beautiful bride.  





The Beautiful #EnzoaniRealBride is the girl-next-door type - your lighthearted best friend that you can always count on to be there for you. For the casting, we searched for a fun and bright-eyed blonde with  a similar look like the one captured on our inspiration board. In comes Mallory, a beautiful, tall, and experienced model with luxurious hair and sweet smile. Mallory has been a runway model for our annual Fashion Event for many years, and we are so happy to bring her on board to represent our bridal brand Beautiful! You can see her casting pictures in our previous Insider post! Click here or see "Similar Stories."

Behind the Scenes with Enzoani: BT Ad Shoot


In the early summer of a traditional California day, the day proceeded to get to around 100 degrees fahrenheit - causing the crew to work slower out in the heat and causing delays in production. At 11:30 a.m., Tonaci Tran and his photography crew started scouting the park behind the Huntington Public Library in Huntington Beach, CA. See below for pictures to see what the set up looks like!

behind the scenes with enzoani

Tara and Gina from BreLuxe Beauty  were brought on set to complete Mallory's makeup and hair. They stayed for the duration of the shoot to do minor fixes as the heat and wind were working against us. They applied waterproof mascara and kept Mallory's hair in tight curls until the team was ready to shoot. 

The actual shoot took about 6 hours which included style changes, makeup retouches, camera repositioning, and lunch. Afterwards, we filmed Mallory walking to show the natural movement of the gown as you can see below. 

Behind the Scenes with Enzoani: BT Ad Shoot



All of that hard work goes into getting that one perfect shot, and we are so proud to reveal to you one of the best looks below!

The 2015 Beautiful collection is coming in stores soon!