Behind the Scenes: “First Stitch”

Get a Peek Behind All the Action

The “First Stitch” video was filmed at a mansion in Palos Verdes on a beautiful,  sunny southern California day in the United States. While it started out foggy, the skies cleared in time for our advertisement shoot. With the help of our model Kalyn Hemphill and videographer Chad Curry, the "First Stitch" became a reality. 

 The location was chosen because of the antique wood and golden tones that are reflected in our 2014 collection. It embraced Enzoani’s values of sophistication and effortless elegance as well as intertwining the contemporary features with traditional styles.  

The video features Ilyssa from the 2014 Enzoani collection because it is one of Kang Chun Lin’s, the lead designer, favorite designs. He was inspired by the Dolce and Gabanna vintage look with a twist. His creation features the infamous Enzoani lines and added the pop of color for the modern bride as color is now a popular trend for wedding dresses.

Kalyn Hemphill is the model in the shoot, and the Enzoani team wanted to show off the model’s natural beauty with simple hair and makeup in a clean, sleek manner so that the dress could be the main attraction.