Behind-The-Scenes: Model Casting for Enzoani Photo Shoot

Look here to see what it takes to become an Enzoani model

February through June is photo shoot season for Enzoani as the new year's collections are ready to start its process to be released to the public. Before the set of gowns arrive to the office, the Marketing department, Product department, and the President of the company start setting up model castings to select the lucky few to represent Enzoani in look books, advertisements, and online features. 

Enzoani Bridal Picks Models
Enzoani's collections each represent a different type of bride, with Love by Enzoani being the solo bridesmaids line. Enzoani is the couture go-getter who knows top designers' looks by heart. Blue by Enzoani is the trendy best friend whom you take shopping to get fashion advice. Beautiful by Enzoani is the girl-next-door with a bright personality. With this in mind, models are chosen that we think represent each line best. However, the model's personality must be shown through their look, their poses, and their walk. While the "America's Next Top Model" and its spinoff television shows in other countries are a dramatic, the basic elements hold true as we search for 8 models out of 80 candidates. 


Enzoani Bridal Picks Models
Enzoani books their models through professional modeling agencies like PhotoGenics, Ford, and L.A. Models. First, we call and set an appointment which can either occur at our Tustin, CA location or at the agency's office. We ask for candidates that are between 5'9" - 6' and can fit our size 4 dresses (Bust: 35" - Waist: 26.5" - Hips: 38.5"). Models are allowed to come within a 2 hour block, which Enzoani reinforces to ensure that the selected models are timely by nature. 

We select three dresses to take with us to the casting - one bridesmaid, one mermaid gown, and one a-line or ballgown. With those selections, we have a variety of of styles to see if models fit our gowns appropriately. The dress must be filled out  to ensure good pictures can be taken.


Enzoani Bridal Picks Models Comp Card

After setting up the dresses, we wait - typically one or two models come at a time so it is never too busy. They show us their comp card (below) which we can keep for reference. It includes a headshot on the front with their name, size, and height. On the back, there are 2-4 editorial shots so we can see how they are in previous jobs. The model also gives us either a physical portfolio or an iPad with all their past jobs loaded on their like editorials, covers, advertisements, look books, or anything else that we would want to see. We immediately ask her of her availability for certain dates and if she has done runway before.

Enzoani Bridal Picks Models

While we look at their portfolio, the model tries on the gown - typically the mermaid as it shows fit best. We inspect the back and front, and we take the following pictures: smiling headshot, couture headshot, full front pose, full frontal relaxed, full back, and sideways. If the model is tall enough, we ask her to walk to the front of the room and back to see how she does in a mermaid, which is a little more challenging then a ballgown or a bridesmaid dress. 

Below are great walks and poses:

Enzoani Bridal Picks Models

Model will only try on the ballgown or bridesmaid dress if we are questioning fit or look. If we especially like her for runway, she tries on all three for fit as well. 


Enzoani Bridal Picks Models

When the casting is over, we go over our top favorites and start sorting them into who represents which collection best, and we typically book day of so we can secure our first picks. 

Enzoani Bridal Picks Models
NOTE: all the models shown have been chosen to represent our brand