#EnzoaniRealBride: Marinde + Jasper

Small Quaint Traditional Wedding in the Netherlands

On October 21 of 2011, Jasper and Marinde made their love official in a small church of Hasselt, close to Zwolle in the Netherlands. During the day, we were at an old Dutch windmill. We had lunch, drinks and dinner there. In between, we went to the City Hall of Hasselt for the Civil Ceremony.
Danbury Enzoani Real Bride Netherlands

"We didn't have an explicit theme. My dress and my husband's suit were both black and white, along with our Mini Cooper. But the rest of the wedding -decorations and most of the guests' clothing- I tried to use navy and white."
Danbury Enzoani Real Bride Netherlands

"I'm not the kind of girl for "the big sugar plum fairy dresses."  I was actually looking for an empire dress with a lot of lace, with the fifties feel on a calf-length dress. I really liked dresses that were like that but I wasn't expecting to find a dress like that in the regular collection. But then I saw the Blue by Enzoani dress, 'Danbury' in a magazine. I went to a few stores to try on different dresses, but none of the stores had the 'Danbury' in their stores. I wasn't sure of my original choice until I had the opportunity to try it on. So, the saleslady made a few calls and heard they had the "Danbury' at a store in Beltrum. It was a bit of a trip, but I went there with my mom. As soon as I tried it on, I knew this was the one. I am still so very happy with it. I hope one of my kids will want to get married in it someday, haha!"

Danbury Enzoani Real Bride Netherlands
"Jasper and I met in high school.  I was 16 and he was 18, we were in love and have been together ever since. After four years together, he asked me to marry him. We went to dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date, and when we walked back past the fountain just outside the city walls of Zwolle (the same one from the wedding pictures), there was a little candle and a rose on one of the benches around it. Before I even understood what was happening,(I thought it was some kind of remembrance of something bad that happened there to someone) Jasper went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! Even though we had talked about it and made plans, this proposal was a huge surprise for me, I didn't see it coming at all!"

Danbury Enzoani Real Bride Netherlands

"One of the most favorite parts of our wedding was the service. It was a very special hour of the day. We read our personal vows to each other and my grandfather blessed our marriage. Jasper was saying such beautiful things to me that I still can't believe. I wasn't crying my eyes out , however, (I did when I watched the video a few weeks ago). It was just too much at that time that it didn't get through me yet. 
Danbury Enzoani Real Bride NetherlandsDanbury Enzoani Real Bride NetherlandsDanbury Enzoani Real Bride Netherlands

Vendors |

Photographer |  Mandy Brander 

Retailer | Beijer Besselink

Designer | Enzoani, Danbury from Blue by Enzoani Collection