#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Danielle visits LA!

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Enzoani wants to say CONGRATULATIONS to our #EnzoaniRealBride2014 winner Danielle and her fiance Stuart! Their touching story won them the contest, and Danielle agreed to do an interview on her experience. Check it out below!

How did you feel when you heard you won?

I couldn't believe it! I was so excited I started jumping up and down and screaming! 

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!

What did you do before the trip?

Before the trip we did lots of shopping and preparing. We were counting down the days!

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!

What did you think of Enzoani’s Fashion Event?

It was fantastic! The people were lovely, everyone was so helpful. Especially the Enzoani members who helped me with shoes, hair, and make up after my suitcase went missing. 

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!

What did you think of the 2015 collection?

 What I could see was stunning. Very elegant and beautiful.  

(Below is Joanna and Jocelyn from the 2015 Enzoani Collection)

Joanna Enzoani RunwayJOcelyn Enzoani

What else did you do in LA?

We went sightseeing, and relaxed by the pool. We also met some great people at the after party and spent the rest of the holiday with them. We went for meals and had great fun getting to know each other!

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!

What was your favorite memory?

The fashion show was definitely my favourite memory (getting my suitcase came close second haha).

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!

How is the US different from the UK?

The difference is like night and day. Everyone in Hollywood was so polite, people would greet you as you passed in the street. To be fair, the UK can't compete with a place like Hollywood.

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!


Take everything you need in your hand luggage!! And definitely get your wedding gown from Enzoani! 

#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!#EnzoaniRealBride2014 Winner Visits LA!