How to wear a veil

Enzoani & Wedding Magazine’s guide to carrying off the ultimate bridal accessory

If you’re thinking of wearing a veil, take note! Here’s Enzoani's guide to carrying off the ultimate bridal accessory.


The Birdcage – A short veil worn over the face, usually made of net.

Perfect for brides who want a fabulous 1950’s style, think flirty short or tea-length dresses and a chic chignon. Birdcage veils can bring an amazing vintage style to your wedding day look. They look particularly good with short hair; although it also works with buns and chignons. Secured with a comb at the front of your head, the veil should sit just below your nose, either central or at an angle for a more playful look. Great for showing off bright red lipstick!

Perfect with: 2014 Blue by Enzoani, Galveston

enzoani real bride bird cage veil

The Shoulder Length – A veil which sits just above or below the shoulder, around 20 inches in length.

Perfect for brides who also want to incorporate a blusher veil over their face. These work well with both A-line dresses and more retro styles – if you’re choosing a short wedding dress, this could be the option for you. If you want to show off any pretty back details on your dress, choose a lightweight, single Italian tulle veil, which will be more transparent than a two tier design.

Perfect with: 2014 Blue by Enzoani, Fiji-D

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The Mantilla – A Spanish-style veil edged with heavy lace, usually floor length.

Perfect for brides who want a romantic, boho inspired look. We recommend you wear this veil with a Juliet cap and a form-fitting lace dress for ultimate glamour. Usually attached to a flat comb, wear your mantilla veil on top of your head as this style is designed to frame the face and shoulders as well as show off the lace detail around the edge. It’s a style which works for both up and down hairstyles, but a sleek up-do will help add a chic Spanish vibe.

Perfect with: 2014 Enzoani, Ilyssa

enzoani real bride mantilla

The Pouf – A tulle veil gathered to a comb or headdress to create height.

Perfect for brides who are fashion forward and want to make a real style statement. These veils look fabulous with almost any type of dress, although they work particularly well with prom or retro styles. Depending on the amount of tulle used, these can be worn with both up and down hairstyles. If you want a veil that’s high and tight, try wearing with a chic chignon, while longer versions comprising of more fabric will look better with loose, flowing hairstyles.

Perfect with: 2013 Blue by Enzoani, Formosa

enzoani real bride pouf

The Blusher – A shoulder length or short veil worn over the face.

Perfect for brides who are both fashion forward and traditional. For the ‘here comes the bride’ moment, team it with a second layer of veiling which will fall down your back. This is a look that can be as modern or traditional as you like.

Perfect with: 2010 Blue by Enzoani, Champagne

blusher editorial

The Chapel Length – A veil which falls to the floor, also known as floor length.

Perfect for brides wearing a dress that only has a small train. It’s a flexible option, but as a generic rule, longer veils tend to work better with longer hair, so avoid this look if you have very short locks. A chapel length veil will usually have a comb attached to it, which should slide easily into your ‘do’. However it also looks beautiful if you have some other embellishments in your hair, such as a bejewelled comb or a side headband. It's a look which works great with 1920’s dresses too.

Perfect with: 2009 Enzoani, Dakota

enzoani real bride chapel

The Cathedral Length – A dramatic veil longer than floor length, also known as a train length.

Perfect for true princess brides wanting to make a statement. If you’ve chosen a fairtytale gown, this could be the perfect accessory to complete your Cinderella look. Elegant and dramatic, this veil is usually around 144 inches in length, but could be longer as it trails behind the bride. Choose an Italian tulle – it’s one of the softest varieties around and will flow beautifully as you walk. The positioning on your head can be flexible, but it’s also worth noting that it’s easier if you have some attendants to help manipulate the train before you walk down the aisle. Because it’s so long, it is likely that you’ll want to remove it for the reception, so ask for it to be placed on to a detachable comb.

Perfect with: 2014 Enzoani, Ivy

enzoani real bride

Enzoani's top 3 tips!

Tip 1 – Never iron your veil! Make sure to hang it up at least a week before the wedding day to ensure it’s perfectly wrinkle free.

Tip 2 – Longer veils tend to be universally flattering, offering the most traditional look.

Tip 3 – Shorter veils can better express personal styles/tastes, but bear in mind your overall silhouette, you don’t want your veil to disrupt this.



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Illustrator - Jane Hartley