Interview with Enzoani’s Designer

Kang Chun Lin talks about Inspirations, Trends, and Tips

kang chun lin enzoani designer


Enzoani Kang Chun Lin sketch

1. How did you get into the industry?

While in design school I was introduced to a bridal manufacturer and started submitting designs for some of the brands they manufactured.  My designs soon became popular and eventually we worked out details to start my own collection.  The rest is history. 

kang chun lin enzoani designer

2. How will the upcoming trends look like?

I always try to stay innovative and fresh.  My inspiration comes from ready to wear fashion.  I look for trends in Paris, London, New York and try to find ways to bring elements to bridal.  Lace is still very popular for bridal so I've tried some new patterns and details to help add some variations to what I've done before.  I focused on bringing the "bling" in a sophisticated way. 

3. How do you see the future, basically?

Bridal is one area of fashion where tradition is still strong.  There may be some new trends that come along but in the end brides want romance and beauty.  I don’t see any dramatic styling changes in the near future but it's always fun to add some big statement pieces in the collection to really try and push outside the box.

enzoani designs

4. Can you give some tips on how to succeed in the industry?

Stay true to your personal style.  If not, you become too similar to everyone else.  Also stay in touch with the brides.  I recently took a roadtrip and visited several shops that carry my collection and learned a lot from the store owners and the brides.

5. What inspires you?

Traveling.  The more I see the more I learn.  I love visiting new places and learning about cultures.   

kang chun lin enzoani designer