The History of Branding at the Enzoani Fashion Event

A look back at how the branding has developed year by year

This year’s highly anticipated Fashion Event will be Enzoani’s 8th Annual Fashion Event. Over the past 7 years the branding and marketing at the Fashion Event has been developing significantly year by year. Here is a look back through each year.


2008  - Silver Ticket

The invitations for the 2008 Enzoani Fashion Event were printed on 2 separate layers of metallic paper sealed together, and featured one of 2009’s bestselling gowns, Demi. Guests of the Show received official Enzoani gift bags filled with miscellaneous treats and trinkets. It featured 2008 Enzoani gown Dawn with Jacket.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2008 branding


2009 - A Flutter of Ideas

In 2009 the event and branding developed to the next level. The theme for the event was based on the delicate lace like structure of a butterfly wing, and the sparkle of Hollywood. Several distinct butterflies were designed and displayed on the runway, in a rainbow of colours, with wingspan varying from 6 inches to 3 feet. Celebrity Bai Ling was so enamored with the oversized butterflies that Enzoani ended up giving her one to take home as a souvenir.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2009 branding


2010 - Follow the Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole

Following the success from 2009 this year’s theme had to stand out.  Enzoani took inspiration from the years most buzzed about film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, to create Enzoani’s wonderland for the 2010 Fashion Event. Several design concepts were thrown around, playing on Alice’s wonderland, which included a giant mushroom silhouettes and sprouting tufts of grass. In the end, Enzoani opted for a sleek runway donned in a simple floral logo that allowed the gowns to drape the runway in elegance.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2010 branding


2011 – Enzoani, Enzoani, Enzoani 

This was the year for big changes! Once inspired by the pop art movement, Enzoani decided to venture into new branding mediums and ideas for the 2011 Fashion Event. From ATM’S to hand sanitizers, the Enzoani marketing team took the time to make sure every guest knew exactly who was running the show. Enzoani even had its name in lights emblazoned on the front of the Marriot Hotel where guests were staying. 

The California Sun played an integral part of the branding – the sun rose and set in the signage as the event progressed, eventually turning in to the moon as the after party. 

 Enzoani Fashion event 2011 branding


2012 – Classic Hollywood

For the 2012 Fashion Event, Enzoani wanted to capture the drama and romance of classic Hollywood. The Branding for the event incorporated an art deco flair, but also portrayed the delicate details and drama of Enzoani’s exquisitely layered lace designs. The deeps red carpet was a prominent design element and helped tie all of the 2012 Enzoani Fashion Event branding together.

Enzoani Juggled around with the colour scheme of the final branding design concept. It ranged from dark noir to gold, but was finally scrapped for a Black & White theme. It was a great excuse to throw a Black & White Ball. 

Once retailers were confirmed as guests, they received the Enzoani Fashion event welcome box, with lots of helpful information, and their very own black Enzoani wrist bands to gain access to all the special fashion event functions. Upon arrival guests received custom Enzoani gift bags, adorned with original hand drawn sketches of gown by Enzoani’s very own designer Kang Chun Lin.  

 Enzoani Fashion event 2012 branding


2013  - Take Flight

The theme for the 2013 fashion event was ‘Take Flight’ incorporating aviation to integrate the Global brand, for customers from all around the world.

The location for the 2013 event was The Lyon Air Museum. The museum is an enclosed hangar, spanning over 30,000 square feet and features operational, authentic, vintage aircraft, vehicles and related memorabilia from the WWII–era. The locale served as the perfect backdrop for our “Take Flight” theme. The runway kicked off with models arriving to the hangar in a vintage DC-3 airliner, models then strutted down the runway past the massive wings of Vintage B-17 and DC-3.

Confirmed attendees received their vintage envelope confirmation pack which was in keeping with the theme of ‘Take Flight’. Enclosed was a map of the Hotel and Itinerary on distressed paper, a gold take flight pin and Enzoani passports to be stamped at each event. The events included The Pilots Lounge, Breakfast with Marketing, Runway and Tradeshow. If stores had all four stamps they would receive an extra raffle ticket for the leaving party.

 Enzoani Fashion event 2013 branding

 Enzoani Fashion event 2013 branding 2